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ISNA Canada’s Communications Committee is pleased to publish this Newsletter for our readers for better communication and feedback.  On behalf of this committee and the ISNA Canada Majlis, I would like to welcome you all to the first issue of Lanterns. This online newsletter will serve as an extension of our Islamic work in the community across Canada. The publication includes articles written by Muslim talents of all ages and places of origin, coming together to collaborate in this new opportunity to showcase the thoughts and issues of real Canadian Muslims.

For many years, people have been wondering why ISNA Canada has not released regular newsletters. Simply put, we wanted to ensure that we would add value and present a fresh viewpoint. We wanted to inspire the community by addressing issues that are important, but unspoken. During last Ramadan when we published a series of six highly focused publications, we were overwhelmed by the response that we received for future subscriptions! Knowing that there is a vast Muslim readership out there, ISNA Canada feels that it’s time to give the community Lanterns.

A lantern represents light and illumination–something people can turn to in darkness.  With Lanterns, we at ISNA Canada hope to shed light on the most pressing issues facing our community. We invite our readership to create effective and well-informed dialogue on these issues. Take some time to comment on our website or to send us an email. Discuss the issues we raise with one another.  We believe in open and honest discussion, without which many problems may never be brought to the fore–let alone resolved.  Join us on this journey of inclusion. Join us in breaking down barriers, and in making our community and society a better place for all.

The team at Lanterns consists of professionals from the field of publication, as well as writers that present incredible talent and potential. We want to focus on unique and original content that highlight the experiences of Muslims in North America. Our aim is to uncover the essence of topics that matter in our real day to day existence: things which impact our daily lives, here and now. Topics that you want to read about, but hardly see in print. It’s going to be sensational, it’s going to be thought provoking, and you won’t want to miss a single issue.

With the blessings and leadership of our knowledgeable Shaykh Abdalla Idris Ali, we are able to bring Lanterns to life. Our talented publication team is dedicated to delivering something fresh and exciting that will certainly spark conversation and increase awareness. ISNA Canada hopes to produce a publication that our current community of Muslims in Canada will be proud of. We hope that you will enjoy the reading, and spread the good word to friends and family, so they too can benefit insha’Allah. Looking forward to connecting with you on the first Friday of every month!

[The Lanterns newsletter will be distributed monthly to our exclusive email list.  Publications will be free to our subscribers, and later available on our website: www.isna.ca]



Editor in Chief, Seema Khan



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  • Amena M-b

    This is amazing mashAllah! I’m loving this new idea. Very creative and well explained. Cantneait to hear the continuous updates inshAllah!

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