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Paramount Fine Foods recently opened the sixth and newest location of their authentic Middle Eastern restaurant chain in Mississauga’s Erin Mills region. Although it’s only a month old, thousands of diners have already visited in the middle of winter, eager to experience the exceptional food and high quality cuisine that Paramount is known for. There’s no denying that the place holds true to expectations. In fact, quite honestly, this new location has so far exceeded all of mine.

I was instantly impressed by the ambience. Bustling with energy, the elegant and clean interior is a balanced blend of traditional and modern stylistic touches. They also have a prayer room and a play area for children.

Paramount’s extensive dining menu offers something for everyone. If you’re looking to dine out without denting your wallet – then this is the place to be! With meals starting from $6 onwards, this upscale restaurant offers something for every budget!

After ordering at the register, the food arrives quite promptly at the table. Your meal usually starts with fresh khubz bread, filling the table with an intoxicating aroma and setting the perfect tone for the rest of your meal. In order to get the complete Middle Eastern dining experience, I started off with hummus and a tabbouleh salad, followed by Paramount’s popular mixed grill dish. It features a combination of four skewers of chicken shish tawouk, BBQ beef, and kafta kabab – all marinated to melt in your mouth. The platter also comes with a choice of rice or French fries, garnished beautifully with a perfect combination of vegetables, traditional Arabic pickles, garlic, and hummus dips. For dessert, I was treated to Sh’aibiyat – a baked baklawa dough stuffed with ashta cream, coated with sugar syrup and topped with crushed pistachio.

If you’re really looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then I would highly recommend the Paramount Special Juice – a blend of mixed fruits merged between layers of strawberry & mango juices topped with fresh strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, almonds, ground pistachio, ashta cream & honey – it’s a must have!

The night was perfect harmony, from the delicious meal cooked with traditional Arab spices, to the genuine Arab hospitality! After dinner, I got a chance to meet with Jay Yordi, Director of Operations at Paramount Fine Foods.  His warm personality resonates the entire feel of Paramount’s philosophy. They are an affectionate, caring group of people, who have built a reputation based on quality and service. In conversation, he indicated that Paramount has a 2 year plan to expand across Canada. So if you’re a fan of fine Middle Eastern cuisine, I would keep a look out for their name!

I highly recommend this new Erin Mills location. Those who visit will be treated not only to high quality cuisine, but will also experience unique service characterized by a traditional sense of Arab hospitality.



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