Group Offers Programs for Seniors

The Muslim Seniors Circle (MSC) is a support group organized to provide fellowship and encouragement to the elderly who are facing problems associated with aging.  Issues may include fitness, mobility, loneliness or isolation.  Essentially, we are about seniors helping seniors.

The elderly are increasingly faced with limited opportunities for socialization, a lack of physical activity, and insufficient opportunities for mental stimulation.

One of the MSC’s most popular features is the membership meeting held on the first Friday of each month, when members get to socialize while enjoying snacks and drinks. The meetings also feature a guest speaker, who provides a learning opportunity for members on topics of interest to them.

For physical exercise, Badminton has increased in popularity. Our members have become more active and the demand for physical exercise has increased. To join the badminton group please contact Br. Ahmed Shakir Vahed: Phone: (905) 820-0954 Mobile: (905) 781-4422 email:

MSC activities are held at ISNA Canada 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga.

For more details about MSC’s programs, please visit



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